Miguel Soares

Instructor / Technical director

Miguel has a college degree in Sports Sciences with a Minor in Exercise and Health by the Faculty of Human Motricity. During his professional career in Lisbon he was a room instructor, group lecturer and personal trainer in the Gym Fitness Pump Chain.

He has training in:

  • Pilates
  • Cross-Training
  • Postural and Functional Assessment
  • Calisthenic Train (training that uses the body as a weight)
  • Postural Correction and Muscle Balance in Personalized Training

At SP Fitness Boutique, he adds to his duties as Technical Director, his already well-known and much appreciated PT service, and is also an Instructor of:

  • Cardio-Bodybuilding
  • Dance Tribe
  • Pilates
  • Pump
  • Cardio

As strengths of his work, Miguel chooses Weight Loss, Muscular Hypertrophy, Muscular Toning and Postural Correction.

Rigoberto Vital


Rigoberto has been a Fitness Technician for more than 10 years, with experience in several gyms on the island of São Miguel.
During his extensive career, he has held positions as a Room Instructor and group classes, including Cycling, Cross-Trainning, Hydrogymnastics and TRX, among others.

Has training in:

  • Schwinn Cycling
  • Personal Trainer
  • TRX
  • HIIT
  • Queenax

In addition to being one of our excellent PTs, he is also an instructor of:

  • Cardio-bodybuilding
  • Schwinn Cycling
  • TRX (suspension training)
  • Functional Train
  • Queenax

João Pedro Feio


Graduated in Physical Education and Sports, João Pedro Moura Feio is a sports practicer since the age of 3 and has a huge range of sports activities. It comes from the chain FITNESS HUT and BE-FIT, changing arms and luggage from Setúbal to Ponta Delgada.

Additional qualifications:

  • Certificate of Pre and Postpartum Exercise
  • Certificate of Physical Exercise Technician
  • Certificate of Technical Director
  • Grace of 1ºkyu (Brown Belt) AEKS
  • AEKS Personal Defense Course
  • Certificate of Basic Life Support

At SP Fitness Boutique, performs the functions of Personal Trainer and Instructor:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Cardio-bodybuildingão
  • Queenax (Functional training)

Filipa Carreiro


Carrier of the PROCAFD Card (Professionals Responsible for Guidance and Conduct of Physical and Sports Activities), Filipa has been a Physical Exercise Technician for more than a decade in Brazilian gymnasiums, coming from SP Fitness Boutique.

She identifies most with body & mind classes, like our Strech, being also na Oxigeno instructor, advanced Body Balance instructor and Yoga practitioner;

She recently discovered, through SP Fitness Boutique, a passion for Queenax.
She enjoys dancing classes, being an instructor of Zumba, Mega Danz and Sh’Bam, is a Factor F instructor, and also teaches TRX classes.
To her resume adds other formations, such as X55, UBound and Body Live.

In the SP Fitness Boutique is an instructor of:

  • Cardio-bodybuilding
  • Stretch
  • Zumba
  • Queenax

His motto is: “Physical activity is good for the body, but even more so for the mind.”

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