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About Us


SP Fitness Boutique is a special space for exercise that can be used in a special treatment, this way, in a regional market collection. As its name indicates, SP Fitness Boutique is a cozy and comfortable space, aimed at an audience that seeks a complete and quality service.

The total space offers a panoply of services in unique environments and thinks about all the care for health and well being. With a space that consists of Innovation, equipped with high-end capacity and a simple and professional company, you will feel at home.

With the slogan “You only pay when you train”, our partner has no contractual obligation, received this form of loyalty. The client decides when to train and which system best suits their needs. Offer of a range of access options that allows you to purchase a PASSE, from 1 to 20 entries, that is, buy the monthly shoes, being the lowest value of 10 € and the highest of 90 €. Both modes of access allow the user to enjoy a classroom with a personalized accompaniment of a specific time and attentive, just like any other mode of class.
Modes such as HIIT, STRETCH, TRX, PUMP, TRIBE DANCE, CYCLE, QUEENAX and even YOGA and PILATES are examples of some special series that may exist, always oriented by professionals and available to the customer that may be more frequent.

Both those who are already experienced in the practice of physical exercise, as those who are now in the world, have the physical assessment consultations. These are the variables that should get your physical database, and the access plans, objectives, goals, goals, requirements, requirements and goals more accurate. mainly being achieved.

+The aim is to follow the date and higher skills, which find a continuous unique, highly used and founded in si, you can join our service of PERSONAL TRAINER. This service has an automatic function in the job of work and work in the office, with a value of the horometer of Training, duration and to the same the environment in this hotel is used, available and available own partner.

Fitness to Exercise and a complement to all our clients’ needs, Fitness Boutique offers the following consultations: Nutrition, Lounge Bar and equipped Spas.

Immediate access. Come train with us!

It is very fast, simple and convenient. Just purchase HERE the plan that suits you and you will immediately have access to SP Fitness Boutique, group classes and the gym.

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